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Meet our Providers

We are a diverse team of providers with complimentary specialties.  Our commitment to our patients and community is that we will provide ethical quality care to help you get well and stay well.

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Dr. Kris J. Alden, Hip, Knee & Shoulder Reconstruction

Dr. Steven G. BardfieldPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Brian J. BurgessFoot & Ankle

Dr. Giridhar BurraSports Medicine

Dr. Steven C. Chudik, Arthroscopy Shoulder & Knee Surgery, Sports Medicine

Dr. Michael J. CollinsShoulder & Knee

Dr. Robert J. DaleyHip & Knee

Dr. Ashraf H. DarwishHip & Knee

Dr. Benjamin G. DombSports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery

Dr. Michael C. DurkinTotal Joint & Sports Medicine

Dr. Bradley D. DworskySports Medicine

Dr. Marc R. Fajardo, Staff Physician, Upper Extremity

Dr. Bernard J. Feldman, Staff Physician, Sports Medicine

Dr. Maria Francis, Staff Physician, Rheumatology

Dr. Jason G. Hurbanek, Sports Medicine

Dr. Marie Kirincic, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Justin M. LaReau, Hip & Knee

Dr. Mark A. Lorenz, Spine

Dr. Steven S. Louis, Trauma

Dr. Edward T. Marcoski, General Orthopaedics

Dr. Steven W. Miller, Foot & Ankle

Dr. Elliot A. NackeHand & Upper Extremity

Dr. Ronak M. PatelSports Medicine

Dr. Anuj S. Puppala, Sports Medicine

Dr. Cary R. Templin, Spinal Surgery & Disorders

Dr. Paul M. Trksak, Total Joint & Sports Medicine

Dr. Leah R. Urbanosky, Upper Extremity

Dr. Michael R. Zindrick, Spine



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